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Tubes and couplers are the traditional solution to scaffolding specially for complex shapes.


Strong Connectors:

When subjected to a direct vertical force each wedge of the coupler will resist a force of 600 kg. However, when the load is applied on a horizontal tube connected to two vertical tubes (see test certificate), "a maximum load of 7500 lb will make the couplers start to slip gradually". This means each coupler will withhold 1700 kg.

Unaffected by vibration:

This is proven by erecting a scaffold on a vibrating table and placing a further vibrator inside a tube and noting the lack of effect on the wedges.

Safe and permanent:

The spring effect inherent in double wedge design permits wedging further along than is required thus securing safe and permanent connection.

Simple and indestructible:

The coupler is manufactured out of 6mm steel plate and it can therefore withstand very tough site conditions. The wedges cannot fall off. They remain a permanent part of the coupler. In fact, workers who use ZAIDAN couplers refuse to use other couplers.

And most important:

In addition to the in-house tests, the coupler was tested in the McGill University laboratory as the certificate below shows.
The coupler has withstood more than 30 years of onsite testing.

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