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What are PEBs ?

What are PEBs (Pre-Engineered Buildings)?

Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEBs) are steel structures that have been optimized with every rule in the book (high strength steel, built up sections, tapered shapes) with the objective of giving the best value to the user. Pre- Engineered buildings as they are today represent the culmination of a century of Engineering optimizations to allow the covering of large areas at low cost.
With all the new research taking place, steel structures have become more and more predictable, and international codes have followed suit, in particular the American codes. As a result, manufacturers can offer today very cost-efficient solutions.
No doubt hence that the pre-engineered building system has become one of the fastest growing building systems worldwide. Pre-engineered buildings, when compared to conventional steel buildings, offer numerous advantages especially with regards to low-rise buildings.

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