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Using the post connector system permits you to shore the shape you desire.
Alternatively, you can use the system later as scaffolding.


60 mm tubes with eight-directional 8mm thick rosettes welded every 500 mm, forming an indestructible link together.


They consist of 48 mm tubes with rosette couplers welded at their extremities.The 8mm wedge cannot fall off; it remains a permanent part of the coupler.

Major Elements:


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1- Absolute Structural Rigidity:

The axes of all tubes join and cancel out in the center of the posts thus optimizing the structural capacities of the system. The connection consists of the eight- directional rosette coupled to eight possible horizontal or diagonal connectors. When all these posts and connectors are assembled together to shore a slab, the cumulative result is a system with an absolute structural rigidity.

2- Security:

Absolutely safe fool proof erection: once the Horizontal Connector is parked in, the wedge automatically slides down, and a hammer blow completes the connection.

3- Easy to work with:

Everything is designed for easy use by unskilled labor. Cleaning, storing erection and dismantling, are done quickly and easily with no possibility of mistakes.

Post Load Bearing: